You wear your face every day, why wouldn't you invest in it?

Elaine Coyle is acknowledged as one of the UK’s highly sought after permanent make up artists.

        Based in Derbyshire, Elaine is known as a precision worker, her designs provide natural, and blended results that compliment a face and never overpower.

        This is a fast growing market, microblading which is also a form of semi permanent make up/tattooing is now on every high street               and without question; finding a quality artist to provide this specialist treatment on your face - can be daunting and a real challenge,         we might even decide against the treatment for fear of getting it wrong.   

       It is also reasonable to assume that all providers are alike, wrong.  Clients find to their cost that sadly this couldn’t be further from the truth.

       "We should opt for no permanent make up as opposed to average or bad permanent makeup"

Elaine is widely known as a top quality artist with the experience to provide you with the very best results.
You will know immediately that you can chat openly with Elaine in her serene, calming treatment room that you are in the hands of a professional and a dedicated artist.
Elaine says, I hope that my clients will benchmark other providers work, it is crucial that they decide without pressure and in their own time who should provide your top quality permanent make up.
"I want my clients to be as educated as they can about the facts of this treatment,
also there is no arm twisting here, you arrive at this decision in your own time."
Trained to an advanced level via the Nouveau Beauty Group in 2010, setting up full time in 2012.                                         Elaine has continued her development by studying one to one with a variety of master artists. Elaine continues to invest in her craft and shares her knowledge by providing one to one shadowing which inspires and advances other permanent make up artists.

        Elaine was invited to speak at the 2016 UK Micropigmentation Conference and was delighted to provide motivational support to                 peers and new comers within the industry.

"I want to bring more to the table for my clients,
by offering the very best in permanent make up techniques year after year"  


Check out her latest work on Instagram, link below.

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