Got none? Get some

Every clients facial structure is unique and I will never do another brow like yours.

I’ve learnt a lot in this industry about about the psychology of women and in particular how we view ourselves. Occasionally clients worry that they may not be ‘normal’ by way of having asymmetric features or very little hair, to this I say that noone is symmetrical and that everyone is normal, ‘we got what we got’.

Using what we have or our brow bone as a starting point, we can make features appear to be very much more balanced and harmonious with the correct placement and shape of a new reconstructed eyebrow.

Regarding application of your permanent make up, I will select the technique which best suits your skin and the desired result you are looking to achieve. My consultations will also provide a draw using cosmetic pencils to get a flavour of things to come.

“I like to explore the reasons why you are deciding to have permanent eyebrow make up. I want you to be ready to enter into what I would certainly describe as the most useful beauty treatment you will ever have!”

All my permanent make up treatments require two sessions to sufficiently provide enough pigment into the skin to last. This is NOT body art tattoo ink but a pharmaceutical, medical grade pigment made from glycerin and water with a powder compound designed to work its way out of your system over a period of time.

The First session/treatment looks great, you will be overwhelmed with renewed confidence as you get used to your newly enhanced shape which forms the foundation for your amazing new look. The Second treatment, called the top up, reinforces the colour and creates depth, thus providing a longer lasting result. Ideally the top up appointment is scheduled at a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 3 months after your first visit.

My tattooing technique provides a light wash of colour and imitation hair stoke placement which requires layering to ensure natural, believable results are achieved.


Your brows will appear approximately 50% darker during your first week and will then heal to be approx. 50% lighter.

Brows may appear slightly thicker during your first week due to the epithelial top layer (crust) expanding a little before the top layer sheds. As soon as this layer peels your brows will look fabulous and continue to develop in colour over a 4 week period.


Using either microblade technique for a LIGHT shaded hairstroke look or for a more defined look the combination hairstroke/shade using the machine is very popular, or the ultimate GLAMOUR BROW, the powder ombre technique. Note that the powder brow also looks very natural when healed, however there are no hairstrokes to see using this technique. Note: the technique used will be determined by your skin type and the end result you require.


For a top up to your original design


Scars or lost portions of hair reconstructed