Define or smoulder!

Here we can have some fun. Eyeliner enhancement using permanent make up and can truly lift, elongate, shade and make those baby blue, green, grey, brown or black eyes sparkle!

A full and thorough consultation is held before your first appointment to assess if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. People worry that they will flicker or water or sneeze! well I can get round all of those minor issues by applying my own special technique.

You will discuss a desired look which will be painted onto the eye before the treatment, allowing you to view the result, there are no surprises. Together we will choose the colour to best compliment your eye tone and create a design to enhance your natural eye shape and compliment your lifestyle and personality.

” Permanent eyeliner is beyond useful, when everyone is time short or short sighted! Never struggle again with smudged liner”

You will require two treatments to truly get the best from your permanent make up. The first treatment sets the look and creates the shape and the follow up procedure called the ‘top up’ will create depth and reinforce the colour ensuring as long lasting result as possible. My tattooing technique is not a deep as a traditional body art tattooing and requires a light, layered application to ensure natural, believable results are achieved.

The top up appointment is scheduled usually between 1 month and 3 months after your first visit.


Your eyeliner will appear approx 20% darker during your first week and heal to be approx. 20% lighter.

Eyeliner may appear slightly thicker during your first week due to the epithelial top layer (crust) expanding a little before the top layer sheds. As soon as this layer peels your eyeliner will shrink a little and look fabulous.


This is a slim, natural look that would not immediately be detected at eyeliner.

This result gives the illusion of thicker lashes as it defines the top and lower lashline itself. Perfect for any occasion where you would want your eyes to appear brighter and more awake.


Either black, brown or colour to match you eye colour creating a noticable top and bottom lash eyeliner


Incredible graphic liner, either black, brown or colour to match your eye tone this is a winged liner including narrow bottom lash line


This is the ultimate in glamour for the eyes.  A lashline and eyeliner graduating to the centre of the upper lid to create the illusion of butterfly wings as you open and close your eyes!  The colours begin with a much darker lashline gradiating to a tonal eye colour on the lid.  It is a truely sophisticated and glamorous eye look.  I have this effect myself, please ask to see this.


For a top up to your original design within 2 years