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Please Note

Many Of these Images Are Taken Immediately After Treatment & Appear Approx 70% Darker Than The Healed Result!


What to expect

As we age lips get slimmer and loose volume, equally naturally smaller or uneven lips can be transformed into a balanced fuller proportion without the use of injectable cosmetic fillers, or if you choose to use filler, together the lip results can look fantastic!

A full consultation will be held prior to your first appointment, this is where you can discuss your lip hopes, dreams and fears! the pain question and the results are addressed.   During your consultation I will assess your natural lip shape, pigmentation and your desired look and together we will chose a technique and plan your new look lip colour and contour.

You will require two treatments to truly get the best from your permanent make up.  The first treatment sets the look and creates the shape and the follow up procedure called the 'top up' will create depth and reinforce the colour ensuring as long lasting result as possible. My tattooing technique is not as deep as traditional body art tattooing and requires a light layering application to ensure natural, believable results’

The top up appointment is scheduled usually between 2-3 months after your first visit. 


Your lips will appear approx 70% darker during your first week and heal to be approx. 70% lighter.

The healing process is quick for lips, however there is a layer that has to exfoliate away to heal. As soon as this layer peels your lips will look fabulous and continue to develop in colour over an 8 week period.


Full lip colour 'LIPSTICK' EFFECT £450


Define and volumise, the most beautiful soft lip colour in a selection of shades and colours, using the very best technique for colour retention  - two sessions inc. 

Lip Contour Treatment£300

Define and contour with my lip CONTOUR treatment.  This includes a lip liner with a soft edge and creative shading to create a fuller, natural looking pout.

colour boost £200

For a top up to your original design within 2 years