Q & A

Does it hurt?  No

How much is it? Price lists are on my pages

How long will it last?  Approx 2 years depending


How to choose a permanent make up artisT?

  • Be sure to compare and benchmark technicians work, and make sure it's their own and not library photos.
  • Do not look for the cheapest artist or the one who can see you first. often there is a reason for these aspects, usually relating to technical skill, experience and quality. This discipline is an artistic skill and a serious investment with a result that takes centre stage on your face. There is a lot of average to poor work on the market, don't be the client who showcases this.
  • Don't rush! Take your time to choose your artist, check work, recommendations and be patient if they have a wait list, your face is worth the wait.

Why would you have this treatment?

  • This treatment is a great time saver and a confidence booster if you want to look polished at all times.
  • It is a godsend when you wake up late and have to rush your make-up or have no time at all to apply it. Or perhaps your vision is not as good as it was, or you simply feel that you're not great at make-up application.
  • After suffering brow hair loss or thinning, re-define your brows and regain your pre loss look
  • Clients who have lost their brows due to age or illness
  • Poor eyesight or shaky hands can mean make up application is far from easy or straightforward


"There are two things my clients tell me this treatment has given them, one is it's given them their confidence back and the other it has saved them time in the morning! those two things are worth a lot"  

Will My eyebrows look fake?

Not at all.  Elaine practices multiple techniques to create the exact look you require from soft and natural to bold and highly defined. Each brow regardless of 'strength' will always be unique to you and crafted beautifully to your personal requirements. 


What should I expect?

Prior to your treatment you will attend a personal or in some cases a telephone consultation with Elaine to discuss the entire process. 

Drawing and skin numbing will always take place.  Using bang up to date techniques for the application of eyebrows, eyeliner and lip colour,  these techniques will be utilised to create your best ever face, for perfect harmony, symmetry and shape.